General Terms

The present General terms regulate the relations between the Client placing the order for translation services and/or legalization of documents and the Contractor “TIM-93” LTD.

The translation order should be in written form, sent by e-mail or submitted to the office. In case of order placed by e-mail the Client should provide a contact phone number. In case the Client does not receive an answer or an order acceptance confirmation from the Contractor, the Client should contact the Contractor on the phone or by person since it is possible that his order has not been received due to internet connection issues or unwilling mistake in the destination e-mail address. The translation order placed by e-mail is to be considered accepted after being confirmed by the Contractor in writing with the terms and conditions negotiated by the Client and the Contractor in advance. The Client is not entitled to any compensation in case of delay of the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of a translation order unless the order is placed in the above-described manner. Upon receiving a translation order, the said order is registered with a consecutive number in the Order register. In case the order has been placed in the office, the Client and the Contractor clarify the parameters of the order, such as: order placement date, fulfilment term, language from which and to which the translation should be done, pricelist price or discount price, type and number of the documents to be translated, purpose of the translation, arrangement for the final translation to be handed over, any requirements of the Client on the editing, formatting or terminology, how to write the names of people and companies, how to read the abbreviations in the text or a hand-written text or an illegible text, payment conditions, possible partial advance payment, etc. The Client is provided with the contact information of the Contractor, such as name of the company, telephone number, address, e-mail address, web page, etc.

The final translation is handed over in the office or by e-mail as well as by courier to an address provided by the Client, after a confirmation of received payment, except otherwise agreed upon.

The handover term for the final translation is defined by the Client and is approved by the Contractor if realistic. The term begins when the Contractor receives all the materials to be translated and the conditions are negotiated and confirmed by both parties. In case of an increase in the volume of the materials to be translated, and if the Contractor considers it necessary, the deadline should be renegotiated. Final translation is to be considered handed over on time if emailed or delivered to the Client in a final version according to their requirements. In the case where the translation has been ready to be handed over in the negotiated terms, but the Client received it with a delay due to his own decision or due to a delay in the payment, the Contractor is not to be held responsible and does not owe any penalties for delay.

The price for the translation is based on the language, the complexity of the text and the term for fulfilment of the order in compliance with the valid pricelist of the Contractor. According to the Bulgarian National Standard one page consists of 1800 written symbols, including the spaces, of the translated text. The number of pages of the original text could be used as an approximate calculation but cannot be used to calculate the price of the translation. The price includes translation by a sworn translator, factual data verification and printing. In case the Client requests the translation to be verified by an expert editor, the fee for the revision by an expert will be additionally charged as per the pricelist. In case of a request for Expedite or Express translation, the price is to be increased respectively by 25% and 50%. In case of a translation from one foreign language to another, the translation is being made also in Bulgarian language and the price of the translation from the first foreign language to Bulgarian is added the price for the translation form Bulgarian language to the second foreign language. In case it is the same translator making both translations directly from one foreign language to the other a lower price for the direct translation could be negotiated.

Any claim on the quality of the translation should be submitted in writing, stating and describing the errors. Upon receiving the claim, the Contractor assigns an appraisal of the translation to an expert providing him/her with the original text, the final translation, and the comments of the Client.
In case of a substantial claim the Contractor makes the corrections at his own cost and negotiates with the Client an indemnity discount on the price of the provided services. The Contractor will not be held responsible if the Client made an attempt to correct the translation on his own or assigned the task to a third party without giving the Contractor the chance to provide the correction.
In case of a non-substantial claim, the Client shall reimburse the Contractor for all the relative costs.
The claim on the services provided can be filed up to 7 (seven) days from the identification of the noncompliance between the services provided and the negotiated conditions, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days after the handover of the order.

The payment is made in cash or by bank transfer to an account specified by the Contractor after the fulfilment of each separate order not later than 3 days after issuing of the invoice unless otherwise negotiated.

The Contractor is obliged not to disclose and divulge to any third parties any information related to the overall activity of the Client that was available to the Contractor given the fulfilment of the assigned order. The Client assumes full responsibility for the actions of his employees and subcontractors.
By accepting the General terms, the Client gives his explicit and unconditional consent that the Contractor, in his capacity of personal data administrator, processes the personal data in relation to the placed translation and/or legalization order for the purposes of the translation and/or legalization, including granting access to the data to other authorized by them and/or related to them persons, companies or entities for the purposes of the fulfilment of the assigned order and for other legal purposes.

TIM-93 Ltd strictly complies with the requirements of the new General Regulation on Data Protection, namely: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 4 May 2016 and entered into force on 25 May 2018.

In case the Client does not have any specific requirements for the fulfilment of the order, it shall be carried out according to the good practices of “TIM-93” LTD.

For any matters, not regulated in the present General terms, the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.